About Us

Levy Abstract and Title Company has served the people of Levy County in the field of Abstracting and Title Insurance for more than 95 years. It was incorporated in the year 1927 under the name "Levy County Abstract Company" and at that time was owned and operated by J. C. Sale, an attorney and county judge. After his death, it was operated a short time by his daughter and then sold to a local attorney and a tax collector.

In 1961 the interest of the tax collector was purchased by H.C. Henderson, Jr. and in 1967, Mr. Henderson purchased the interest of the attorney. The Company is now incorporated under the name "Levy Abstract and Title Company".

Levy Abstract and Title Company has a complete title plant containing deed records beginning with the very earliest and ending with the most current records on file in the Levy County Courthouse. The title plant includes a geographical index complete with film copies of real estate records from the courthouse. Additionally, the company has in-house storage in excess of 30,000 files on transactions it has handled.

The company utilizes the latest computer software for its closing packages.

The company currently employs 9 people working in the capacity of searchers, examiners, closers, commitment typists, policy typists, accounting and receptionists.

Levy Abstract and Title Company has complied with all of the licensing requirements of the state and local governments.


H.C. Henderson, Jr.; (1939-2017)
H.C. (Skipper) Henderson, V; President, Certified Land-Title Searcher with over 39 years experience.
Adam C. Henderson; Vice President with over 35 years experience.


Main Office

Debi Bouchard; Head Closing Officer
Vicki Connor; Closing Officer

Chiefland Office

Adam C. Henderson; Vice President & Branch Manager
Kathy Dyals; Closing Officer
Deniese Clements; Closing Officer